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The Danish company Nordic Guitars is established by Bjørn Rønnow, who beside jobs as yogateacher and handyman always has been interested in developing musical instruments.

Now, after several prototypes, the development of the instruments is completed, they are patented, and the first model is ready. It is a combination of a 4 stringed, fretted bass / 4 stringed fretless bass – that looks like something, you have never seen before. The concept gives you a range of possibilities, such as a combination of a 5-string fretted/5- string fretless bass, or a 4-string fretted bass/6 string barytone guitar.

These relatively advanced instruments are made in a simple, clean and stylish design.

They were shown for the first time for a larger audience at Guitar Summit 2018 in Germany.

The Vision

The vision is to give you, who play guitar or bass, broader and more varied opportunities for musical expression and to make it possible to create a musical, whole unity spontaneously with one single instrument.

You can take the instrument in your hands and play, the way you use to.

By adding a few new playing techniques, you can refine your musical expression even more. No matter if you play jazz, rock, funk, metal, ambient or….